Today we will consider such a question as how to get to the TOP of Instagram by hashtags.

I hope you know what hashtags are, but in any case, I recommend reading the article about hashtags on instagram.

What do you need to get to the TOP by a certain hashtag? – Write down the tag you need to promote in the publication. Now let’s decide on the right promotion.


The method of getting to the TOP of instagram through hashtags
First, you need to decide which TOP you need. After all, Insta offers the following types of TOP:

TOP by hashtags.
TOP by geolocation.

The top line of your Instagram Stories account also has its own TOP. Stories are divided by geolocation and TOP.
How do you get to the top of the SERP on this social network? – The TOP will include those publications that, in the first minutes after publication, gain a greater number of likes, comments, saves and even reposts.

See how Instagram repost is done simply and quickly, which improves the promotion itself.

The more high-quality comments, the more opportunities to reach the top of Instagram by hashtags.

A comment is considered to be of high quality and increases the rating if it has more than 5 words.

It is also very appreciated when users mark their friends with the @ sign in publications. If you tag in this way and tag you, then the instagram network really likes it. But try not to overdo it. Moderation is needed in everything.

More activity on publications (photo or video) in the first hours gives the best opportunity in the top search results.