Instructions for social media users on how to hide Instagram likes from everyone competently and quickly. – This feature is already supported by Instagram.

Who wants to learn and find out how you can hide likes on Instagram, especially since this function is already working all over the world, and any owner of an instagram account can hide likes on his profile.

Since May 2021, Instagram has the ability to hide likes from all users and subscribers. The introduction of this function has been discussed for a long time.

Instructions for hiding likes on Instagram
In order for you to be able to hide likes from everyone on a previously published publication, do the following:

Go to the post for which you decided to hide likes from all subscribers.
At the top right is an element for invoking the account settings menu, you click on three vertical dots.

Select the button with the name “Hide the number of marks like”.

You will be notified by a pop-up window in the app about hiding Instagram likes.

Everything! – You managed to hide Instagram likes from everyone! See how simple it is!

Do you think that hiding likes at work will help instagram administrators, or will it make life more difficult for them?

But what if you want to see the number of likes above the post in which you have hidden likes?