How is the maintenance of groups about 👉 fix single open in contact, on facebook and other social networks, what does the daily work of SMM agencies or SMM specialists doing promotion in social networks consist of?

After your company or brand has created a community on a social network and carried out an advertising campaign to attract the target audience to it, the daily work on managing and maintaining the community begins.

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Globally, there are six main group management tools, the regular use of which leads to the desired result!

Tool one: “information”. Only the most recent and relevant information about your company and services can cause a positive perception and trust among customers. Take the time and effort to let your followers know what’s going on with you. News, post, tweet – your customers should be aware of your events!

Community management
Direct communication with the audience, the possibility of quick feedback
Audience participation in the development of content and events for the community
Feeling of ownership of the brand/product/service. The audience recommends the brand to friends as something of their own
Activists know each other by sight and compete in activity

Interesting content
Tool two: “interesting content”. “What to eat before yoga”, “what recipe to use for soap making”, “how to choose lamps” – filling your community with educational and entertaining content, you keep the participants interested in it. And even if at the moment they are not ready to take advantage of your offer, being interested in this topic, they will keep a link to the community. It’s only a matter of time before they buy from you.

Experience exchange
Third tool: “experience exchange”. The popularity of social media lies in the opportunity to speak out, share your opinion, get a “like” for your advice or comment. This is how social needs are satisfied and like-minded people are found. Create discussions, polls, ask the opinion of your customers and they will definitely appreciate it.

interactive communication
Tool four: “interactive communication”. The difference between media and the usual advertising channels is that when you manage groups in contact, on facebook and other social networks, you can communicate with customers, and not just inform them. The media builds a dialogue, not a monologue! You find out the needs of your customers, your customers, in turn, receive a prompt response to their questions. Convenient for everyone – for you and your customers!

Converting negative and neutral reviews into positive ones
Tool five: “translating negative and neutral reviews into positive ones”. If your customers are dissatisfied with cooperation with you, the Internet community will know about it. After all, negative reviews are much more likely to be written. Delicate work with such responses and the ability to translate them into a positive one is another plus of your presence in social networks!

Special offers
Tool six: “special offers”. Contests, discounts, special offers – indulge your customers! These mechanisms not only increase the interest and loyalty of community members, but also allow you to increase the number of subscribers with minimal investment.

Regular and complex use of all the listed tools allows you to form a COMMUNITY OF LOYAL CONSUMERS around your brand! A community that trusts you, follows you, tells friends about you and, of course, buys from you!