Don’t expect to make a profit soon. First you have to invest your hard-earned money and 👉 fix single open, and there are no guarantees of success. Advertising remains the main source of monetization here. There are two types of advertisements:

advertising posted by the blogger himself;
advertisements placed by the Telega advertising network in discussions under posts. That’s it, yes. You wrote, but Telegram earns.
There are relatively few advertisers here, and there are a lot of scammers promising cool results with minimal investment. Therefore, you need to have real numbers of subscribers, views and transitions in your hands in order to count on good results.

And if there is no clear idea of ​​​​how the money will be made, it is better not to start. Otherwise, there is a chance to lose time and be left with a zero result in promotion.

Separately, we note that the subscribers here are spoiled and sophisticated. Any mistake can be fatal, and advertisers need to be not only found, but also carefully checked for compliance with the format of the site, so as not to receive a wave of negativity and unsubscribes. The cart is different in that it requires a lot of work before there is at least some kind of return.