What does “deleted account” and eset internet security key mean in Telegram, why do they appear in the chat list and what can you do with them? Not all users are familiar with this phenomenon, although everyone can observe it from time to time. Let’s solve this riddle together!

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What is it
Let’s try to ponder what a deleted Telegram account is. The obvious answer, which suggests itself, is a profile that has been removed from the system.

This is not entirely true! Of course, you can deactivate your page – then it will not be displayed in the messenger in any way. People from your contact list will not receive a corresponding notification, and no one will know about your “leaving” until they decide to look for a contact in the list.

Let’s go back to what a deleted Telegram account means. This is the profile of a person who previously created a page in the messenger, then deleted his personal profile – and now he is restoring it!

It is necessary to dwell on this issue in more detail. Recall that a personal account is registered only by a phone number – then you can come up with a name, set a nickname and upload an avatar. When you decide to delete a page, the information is completely erased and cannot be recovered. Therefore, we are talking about what kind of remote account it is in the Telegram. All settings and data disappear, they are not stored in the cloud or on the company’s servers, so you won’t be able to see them again.

So what does it mean – a deleted Telegram account? Despite deleting the page, you can use the mobile number to re-register. Yes, the data will be erased irrevocably, but no one bothers to register a new profile and use it.

It is logical that the list of contacts (from the phone book of the smartphone) usually remains the same. You have previously communicated with this person, so you can see him in the chat window!

I wonder what a deleted Telegram account looks like! Instead of the usual username, the corresponding name is displayed, instead of the avatar, there is a small gray circle with the image of a cute ghost.

It is important to know that the correspondence with this person will be saved on your device (unless he previously deleted it himself). If you have previously conducted dialogues, you can see who you talked to! It is difficult to understand the identity of the interlocutor without a name and an avatar, but the history of the correspondence will come to the rescue.

Automatic and regular deletion
We figured out what this means – a deleted account in Telegram. Now we want to talk a little about how to deactivate a page. Remember, in the future you will create a new profile without any problems, but all correspondence and settings are permanently deleted!

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If you want to manually erase the page, do the following:

Follow the link to the official website of the developer;
Enter the phone number in the international format in the field that opens;
Wait for an incoming message with a confirmation code – it will come in the messenger (from the developer’s service account);
A new deactivation confirmation window will open;
If you are sure of your actions, check the phone number, if you wish, indicate the reason for “leaving” and click on the delete button.

To understand what this remote account in the Telegram is, a little excursion into the messenger settings will help. It turns out that your profile can be deleted automatically if you haven’t used it for a long time:

Go to the application settings and open the “Privacy” section;
Find the “Remove automatically …” icon.

Here you can select the value “If I do not enter …” The page will be deleted after a certain period – a month, three months, six months or a year.

Now you know what “deleted account” means in Telegram. Everything turned out to be much simpler than one could imagine! You should not be intimidated by such notifications – in some cases you can read the history of the correspondence (if it remains), in others, you can identify the person by phone number. In any case, no one forbids you to simply erase the notification and forget about it!